Dive into the heart of what makes our putters exceptional. On this page, you will explore the innovative features that set the iB Putter Sweet Spot apart in the world of golf.


Immerse yourself in an improved state of concentration as you execute your stroke. The iB Putter Sweet Spot is intricately designed to help you maintain mental engagement, delivering precise shots with ease.


Benefit from the putter’s innovative design that assists in accurate aiming, allowing you to confidently align your shots with precision and confidence.

Sweet Touch

Experience a smooth and consistent touch with the well-distributed weight of the iB Putter Sweet Spot. This unique characteristic promotes striking the sweet spot consistently, resulting in improved overall performance on the green.

Weight and Balance

Boasting an exceptional head weight distribution of 373 grams, slightly heavier than the average putter on the market, the iB Putter Sweet Spot aids players in executing controlled and precise strokes. The optimal balance ensures stability and consistency in your putting stroke, providing better control and accuracy, whether striking the ball at the center or towards the edges of the clubface.

Controlled Backswing

Departing from traditional putter designs, the iB Putter Sweet Spot features an innovative design that encourages a controlled backswing. This facilitates a pendulum-like motion on the correct plane, contributing to a smoother and more controlled putting stroke.

Centered Shaft Stability

The centered shaft of the iB Putter Sweet Spot enhances stability during impact, ensuring a more balanced clubface setup. This promotes a heightened awareness of a square clubface, resulting in more consistent impacts on the sweet spot and improved alignment with your intended target.

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