The Golf Clearance Outlet Launches Australian Exclusive Iván Ballesteros Golf Putter

– ‘Game-changing’ putter to revolutionise golfers’ green game – Be Unique, Be Different, Be Better

Golf Clearance Outlet, Australia’s foremost destination for golfing needs, proudly introduces the iB PUTTER SWEET SPOT, an innovative golf putter crafted and conceptualized by Iván Ballesteros.

This new and exceptional putter, which is already available in the 97 American Golf stores in the UK and Ireland, and is now making its way to Australia.

This ground breaking dual-face cylindrical putter is now available starting today, December 4th, promising a paradigm shift in how golfers approach their putting technique. Fresh from its recent UK market debut, the iB Putter Sweet Spot makes its grand entrance in Australia, set to revolutionize and enhance golfers’ performance on the greens.

The entry into Australia is through Golf Clearance Outlet, with stores located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth, with new stores also planned for 2024.

Drawing from Iván’s wealth of golf equipment expertise garnered through years within the golf industry, coupled with his tenure as a PGA instructor and his extensive experience alongside Seve Ballesteros, the iB PUTTER SWEET SPOT vows to redefine precision, equilibrium, and putting performance.

Meticulously fashioned from 303 stainless steel and 6061 aluminium, the iB PUTTER SWEET SPOT is meticulously designed to ensure flawless equilibrium throughout your stroke. Boasting a 3.5° loft and a 70° lie, the club head’s 373-gram mass guarantees impeccable weight distribution, enabling pinpoint accuracy precisely where intended. Its harmonized design encourages a pendulum-like stroke, ensuring consistent hits on the sweet spot with every swing.

This innovative and daringly putter complies with the golf rules established by the most important regulatory institutions of this sport and is designed to be allowed for use in any competition, whether amateur or professional.

Iván Ballesteros expressed, “After the successful launch in the United Kingdom, I am delighted to witness this putter’s arrival in Australia through The Golf Clearance Outlet, and I want to express my gratitude to the most renowned golf store chain in Australia for welcoming this club and making it accessible to Australian players.”

Sam Colosimo, CEO at The Golf Clearance Outlet, commented; “From the moment Ivan Ballesteros presented me with this new putter, I sensed there was something special about the club, despite my initial doubts. I must say that everything Ivan Ballesteros mentioned became a reality. It’s truly a game-changer that can significantly enhance your performance on the green. It’s not just a putter; it’s a guide that provides valuable information to improve your game on the green and consequently, your results. After more than 10 years without winning an amateur golf tournament, last October, on my second day of playing with this club, I made 29 putts, some of them from 8 feet with real importance, what took me to win a tournament at my club. I encourage anyone to try it out because once you do, any golfer would want it in their bag. Undoubtedly, the expertise behind this putter is evident, and I must admit that in my opinion, there is no putter on the market that surpasses this one.”

In the coming days, the iB Putter Sweet Spot is scheduled to enter the Chinese market through Hong Kong, and in the upcoming weeks, it will also announce its entry into several Asian markets as well as the United States.

In Spain, this exceptional putter is available at the following retail outlets: The San Roque Club, The Range Marbella, La Cala Golf, and Golf Santa Marina. The club is also available through the website or

Recently, Ander Martínez, president of the PGA of Spain, had the opportunity to try it and said: “As the president of the PGA of Spain, I must express my pride in seeing a golf product like this putter making headway in such important golf markets and continuing to expand. It doesn’t surprise me at all, given my familiarity with Iván Ballesteros and his extensive experience in various aspects of this sport over many years. Regarding the club, I can say it’s a putter with a spectacular touch. I’ve tried it and noticed that it significantly helps me accurately calculate both the force and distance. I don’t believe there’s a better putter for distances of 4 meters to the hole. From the outset, it has been one of the 14 clubs in my bag, and I’m delighted with it!”

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